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General Information

Stress affects everybody; it can be caused by overwork, relationships, loss, illness, pollution and the pace of life itself.  Stress shows itself in many ways, some people may develop a stress-related illness, others suffer sleep loss, anxiety, panic attacks or muscular tension.

Stressmanship comprises of a set of rehabilitative skills and techniques aimed at enabling the individual to better manage stress. A range of training methods will be used in delivering the course content.  This will assist in ensuring effective input of course material.  Participants will be encouraged to take an active part in each session.

Aims & Objectives of The Course

The aim of this course is to look at the different causes and affects of stress. Participants will learn how to deal with these by examining individual styles to combat stress and the powerful effect this has on our whole approach to stress management.


The course is designed to be flexible and the content and setting can be varied to meet the particular requirements of individual groups. Participants will be encouraged to adopt a supportive and positive approach to the group as a whole. It is hoped that this will allow individuals to achieve greater proficiency and confidence through taking part in a stimulating and enjoyable learning programme.

This event is offered over two full days (10am to 5pm) or four evenings (7pm to 9.30pm)

Course fees = €50    50% discount available for people with limited income

Participants will develop their skills, attitudes and knowledge in the areas of:

Basic information about stress, its causes and associated problems

Making Stress Management an every day function

Relaxation exercises to combat the build up of stress

Positive thinking in relation to stress management


By the end of the course participants should be able to:

Describe some causes and associated problems of stress

Recognise the need for effective stress management

Develop a Stress Management philosophy - and stick to it!

Adopt a structured approach to coping with stress factors at work and home

Define areas that could inhibit effective stress management   

Create an action plan to develop their own stress management skills further

STRESSMANSHIP - A Stress Management Training Course

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