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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

Staying Focused in the Age of Distraction

A Weekend Event at The OPAL Centre, Donamon, Co. Roscommon

Please contact us for details of the next available dates for this event

Cost = €57.50 includes lunch on both days

(Advance Booking with €10 deposit required). Accommodation is available if required.

Staying Focused in the Age of Distraction explores how you can improve dramatically improve all areas of your life when you focus on what really matters to you.

On this empowering event you will be shown ‘step by step’ techniques you can use to focus on your true values, practice meaningful activity and develop a deeper sense of your own inner values.  You will learn insightful and engaging ways to:

  • Pay Attention to What Really Matters to You
  • Learn How to Avoid Empty Activities
  • Develop a Deep and Meaningful Sense of Life
  • Enrich Your Life and the lives of those around you
  • Create and carry out your own personal plan for focused awareness

Do you find you are often distracted from your focus or that your concentration is broken by what is going on around you?

Booking on-line is secure through OPAL.  Please click on the ‘Terms of Use’ link at the bottom right hand side of this page to find out more and to see our cancellations policy for bookings.


Staying Focused in an Age of Distraction