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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

OPAL's Positive Impact Philosophy invites all to consider how our own individual actions can influence and change the actions of others and encourages a positive approach to all that we do in life.

The teachings within this philosophy provide a set of processes that can be used to develop a positive approach and outlook in all that we do and encounter in life. Whilst the teachings and processes provide the opportunity to develop a meaningful and rewarding lifestyle and nurture your inner spiritual well being, it is not linked to, nor does it require you to follow, any religious doctrine. The only commitment you will be invited to make is to yourself and your own well being.

Course Content:

Session   1: Before every Action is a Thought – Exploring how our Mind Talk controls us +

Our Connected State – Recognising how individual actions impact on others

Session   2: Positive Thoughts = Positive Actions - Managing our Mind Talk

Session   3: Driving Down the Road to Nowhere – How our Driven States lead us in the wrong directions

Session   4: Stop to Achieve! – Learning techniques to control our Driven States

Session   5: What’s the Drama?  – Recognising our ‘Life Dramas’ and how they feed our negative thoughts

Session   6: Relax, Don’t sweat it! – Relaxation and calming techniques to offload the negatives in life

Session   7: Embracing our Life Lessons – Recognising our Life Guides and Teachers and embracing the lessons they give us

Session   8: Positive Energy Pit Stop – Looking after your Inner Well Being

Session   9: Clearing the Mind – Using Meditation to become balanced  

Session 10: Awakening our Positive Spirit – How to fuel your heart and mind to remain positive when all around you seems negative

Session 11: Getting to YES – Recognising your true wants in life

Session 12: Visualising your Life Path – An opportunity to reflect and plan for a future of Positive Living


Cost:  €175  A weekly payment plan is available if preferred to those booking onto the full programme.  Financial assistance may be available for those on a limited income.  Details can be provided on request.

Booking on-line is secure through OPAL.  Please click on the ‘Terms of Use’ link at the bottom right hand side of this page to find out more and to see our cancellations policy for bookings.