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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

A Two Day Training Event that develops Personal Influencing Techniques and Positive Thinking

By attending this event, you will learn techniques that will enable you to recognise:

what you want and why

how to assert your rights and respect others

how your ‘mind talk’ can negatively influence you

steps you can take and processes you can use to        create a positive impact in your life

Many of us find that we are increasingly put under pressure during our daily functioning – both at work and within our personal lives.  Using the processes and tools that you will learn on this two day workshop will enable you manage this pressure and identify where it comes from. You will also learn how to recognise and respect your unique strengths and limitations and develop your skills and self-esteem.

Throughout the workshop participants will learn practical and effective techniques that they can use to enhance their personal effectiveness and to achieve their desired lifestyle.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Identify the skills and behaviours you use currently when interacting with others

Learn behaviours that will increase your options for positive outcomes in all you do

Practice these behaviours

Understand a model of Assertive and Responsive behaviours and practice these behaviours

Learn a model of influencing behaviours and practice these behaviours

Develop these skills and behaviours further both at work and in your personal life

A range of training methods will be used during the workshop. This will assist in ensuring all are included and that the event is lively and interactive. Participants will be encouraged to take an active part in each session.

This event is offered over two full days (10am to 5pm) or four evenings (7pm to 9.30pm)

Check the EVENTS CALENDAR for dates or contact us for more information about this enlightening two day event!

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Course fees = €50  50% discount available for people with limited income

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