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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

Living in Harmony with Life - Whatever Life Brings

A One Day Inspiring and Liberating Workshop being delivered at the following venues:

Please contact us for the date of the next available workshop in your area

What is Harmony?

Harmony is an alignment or congruence among four elements: what we say, what we think, what we feel and what we do. When there is harmony, alignment, and congruence between our thoughts, feelings, actions and words, we experience an inner and outer sense of peace, called harmony.

This event is run over a full day (10am to 5pm) Light refreshments will be provided.  Please bring a packed lunch.

Workshop fee = €15    50% discount available for people with limited income (please contact us for more info).

Booking on-line is secure through OPAL.  Please click on the ‘Terms of Use’ link at the bottom right hand side of this page to find out more and to see our cancellations policy for bookings.

Living in harmony for ultimate happiness and freedom

Harmony in our life heavily influences our happiness, mental stability, wisdom, intuition, and general peace of mind.

Our Subconscious regulates approximately 95% of our actions.  It retains all of our learned skills, thought patterns, emotional attachments and belief systems.  This in turn influences our thoughts, reactions and our mindset.  Our ‘Mind Talk’ can take over and create a spiral of ‘mental chatter’ causing disharmony in our mind.

Are you living a life in harmony?

When we experience upset of one kind or another it’s usually because we are out of harmony with ourselves. When we experience difficulty in our relationships at work, at home or at play, for example, or with finances, career and livelihood, it’s often because of the negative thoughts and emotions that our mind attaches to this experience.

Living in Harmony with Life – Whatever Life Brings teaches us how to recognise the ‘mind talk’ that our mind creates and ways to make decisions and take actions that keep us in harmony with life.