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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

What does the course cover?

Session 1 – We Are Where We Are

In this session we will explore how our own ‘Life Journey’ has brought us to where we are now and how this has influenced how we live in harmony (or disharmony) with life.  We will learn how to recognise positive and negative influences and energy and the impact that this has on harmonising (or disharmonising) our life.

Session 2 – The False Self

Many of us live a life of disharmony at some point in our lives, some more than others.  This session will focus on recognising ‘falseness’ in our lives and how this takes us out of balance with our ‘True Self’, leading us to be in conflict with life rather than in harmony with our life journey.

Session 3 – The True Self

During this session we will work on finding our ‘True Self’ and unlocking our blocks to our ‘True Self’.  We will challenge our self-doubts and limiting thoughts that feed the ‘False Self’ and develop strategies and practices to unleash the ‘True Self’.

Session 4 – Living in Flow

In this final session we will learn more about retaining harmony in our lives, wherever our life path takes us.  We will practice and develop methods and processes to enable harmony to remain in our life and to question negative thinking.

Only €95 for the full four sessions.

Limited places and advance booking necessary.   Book online or e-mail info@opal.ie to reserve your place.

Harmonising Your Life

For Peace, Joy & Tranquillity

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Do you find that your life feels ‘disjointed’ sometimes?  That things around you are not ‘as they should be’?  Or perhaps you feel that current or past issues are causing you difficulties.  Sometimes it is as if life itself is working against us!  What if you were able to harmonise your life so that it was in balance with whatever you are doing and whatever life brings?

This four session course, delivered one evening a week over four weeks is designed to provide those attending with a greater insight into how to balance the four elements of Harmony.  Using a number of techniques and processes including Mindfulness, you will learn to introduce and enhance harmonious balance to your daily activities and lifestyle, which will enable you to become more focused in the present moment and to move out of negative thoughts and emotion.

Event fee = €95

Booking on-line is secure through OPAL.  Please click on the ‘Terms of Use’ link at the bottom right hand side of this page to find out more and to see our cancellations policy for bookings.