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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

Living in the Now

A One Day Workshop of Essential Teachings, Meditations and Exercises that will aid you to Something of Life Changing Significance.

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What this course will help you to discover:

The transformational power of the Now and how you can experience it...Getting out of your mind and into the Now...

What Presence is, and how to access it...Using your body to enter the Now...

The source of suffering and emotional pain, and how to end it... Transforming fear into peace...

Why Time is an illusion, and how it keeps you from the Now... How you can step out of the world of Problems....

How to free yourself from unhappiness... The Power of Now and relationships...

Finding your purpose... Plus, keys to awakening your presence in the Now...and much more.

By attending this workshop, you can find the power, the ability to change and elevate not only your life, but your world as well!

Only €25 ( Includes Lunch & Refreshments)

Advance booking required to secure your place

Living in the Now




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