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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

‘De-Stress Your Life’ will guide you through a simple yet highly effective programme to help you take control of all areas of your life.  Whether you are a busy parent, pressured at work, a student struggling to cope with your studies or are simply looking to improve the quality of your life, this programme will help you conquer stress by developing a more positive outlook and a stronger sense of self-worth.

What is the Seven Step Programme?

It is a holistic guide to help you develop a positive mental outlook, overcome problems and cope with the stress and pressures of modern day living.

Step 1: De-Stress and Control Your Stress Levels

Step 2: De-Stress Attitude Towards Money and Overcome Work Stress

Step 3: De-Stress Your Home Environment

Step 4: De-Stress Your Relationships

Step 5: De-Stress Your Health

Step 6: De-Stress Your Mind

Step 7: De-Stress Your Future

How is it delivered?

Each ‘Step’ is a session.  They are delivered ‘step by step’ one a week on a seven week programme.  Each session is approximately 90 minutes in duration.

Where and When is it?

Please contact us to be informed when the Next ‘De-Stress Your Life’ programme commences.

How Do I Book?

You can book online (click the ‘Book Now’ button below) or contact us to provisionally reserve your place.

The 7 Step Programme


De-Stress Your Life  

7 Step Programme to De-Stress Your Life




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