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Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life

‘De-Stress Your Life’ will guide you through a simple yet highly effective programme to help you take control of all areas of your life.  

Whether you are a busy parent, pressured at work, a student struggling to cope with your studies or are simply looking to improve the quality of your life, this programme will help you conquer stress by developing a more positive outlook and a stronger sense of self-worth.

Provides insight into the benefits of Mindfulness and teaches practices for your daily living.

This course teaches you how to use both formal and informal mindfulness processes in life.

Learn how we can improve all areas of our lives by celebrating what’s right in our world

explores how you can dramatically improve all areas of your life when you focus on what really matters to you.

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Events Your World & How to Change It

Whatever our situation and circumstances are, the key to success and happiness in life is the way that we live it.

OPAL provide a range of services designed to help you to achieve the lifestyle of your choosing.  Whether you are searching for a new direction, want to overcome limiting negative issues or seeking to gain a greater understanding of how you can live in harmony with all that life brings, OPAL can offer you support and guidance on your journey of self discovery.

Positive Life Skills

World Book Night

Staying Focused in an Age of Distraction

Celebrate What’s Right with The World

Living the Mindful Way

A Mindful Life

De-Stress Your Life Introduction to Positive Living

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The Path to Mindfulness Living

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The 7 Steps Programme to

De-Stress Your Life

This course consists of seven sessions (1 a week) that each look at different areas of stress.

De-Stress Your Life
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Body & Mind As One

An Illuminating Training Course in Mindfulness

Delivered over eight sessions, this course will provide a deeper understanding on living in harmony with life and engaging consciously with mind and body to enable positive living.